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Long-Distance Transportation

Междуградски превози

You need a long-distance cargo vehicle for furniture transportation, home or office relocation or building materials delivery. But you have no desire to overload your own car, and the thought of the expenses is simply depressing.

Do not give in to despair!
As long as you found this website, everything will be all right.

Our company offers a wide range of services, including long-distance transportation. We operate cargo vans that hold up to 2 tons and have cargo capacity of 12m3 to 20m3. We can provide transportation to any location in Bulgaria regardless of the distance. You can rest assured that your cargo will arrive in the same condition it was before, and that you will remain on schedule – we will give you an approximate time of arrival.

If you require long-distance transportation for your home or office furniture, our crews also perform packing services. They are experts in this area and handle fragile items with extreme care. Furthermore, we can provide you with movers to assist with all the loading and unloading.

Another long-distance transportation service you may take advantage of is the delivery of building materials. We are capable of delivering all kinds of construction items, be they heavy, bulky or in large quantities. We can also meet any demand for long-distance freight transportation of different substances for the production of goods. We have experts to consult when transporting dangerous or inflammable substances, thus ensuring a safe and trouble-free trip.

Yet another long-distance service on our list is the transportation of furniture. We will take care of removing the furniture from your home and can also disassemble and then reassemble it if desired.

In case you live in the country and there are no decent furniture stores in your town, you can order furniture and appliances from any of the large Sofia stores and in the event that they do not provide long-distance freight transport, you can rely on TovarniPrevozi.BG. We will transport your new modular set from Sofia to your town of residence and, if you cannot handle its assembly on your own, we can assist you with that as well