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Old Furniture Removal in Sofia

Old Furniture Removal

If you have no use for your old furniture and you need it removed or disposed of, but your own vehicle is undergoing repairs at the moment, you can always count on TovarniPrevozi.BG. Our company offers a range of high-quality transportation services at a low price.

There are a number of services related to Old Furniture Removal in Sofia. The customer can order only one of them or a whole package.

1. All the old furniture too bulky to pass through the door will be dismantled. If it is to be disposed of, it will be broken down. Our crews possess all the tools necessary for a first-rate disassembly as well.

2. The movers will sort the furniture according to size and weight. In order to have a well-balanced load in the cargo van, the heaviest and bulkiest items are placed at the bottom and the rest are arranged on top.

3. Your furniture will be carried out by the movers from TovarniPrevozi.BG, and then down the stairs in case the elevator is not working or the items are too bulky to fit in. You do not have to worry about the quality of the service and whether your furniture will still be usable afterwards, because our movers are excellently trained and have years of practice.

4. After dismantling and carrying out the furniture, our crew will clean all the trash left from these activities. We provide our own sacks for the debris.

5. The next step is the loading of the furniture or appliances into the truck. To avoid mishaps, the movers carefully arrange the cargo and secure it with bands and ropes.

6. The transportation of old furniture is performed with a company vehicle. We can provide a cargo van as well as a heavy-freight truck or a dump truck.

The service Old Furniture Removal in Sofia is performed by a driver and a number of movers. They will proceed quickly and efficiently and deliver a high-quality performance at a low price.

With TovarniPrevozi.BG you can have your old furniture or kitchen appliance removed, as well as order delivery of building materials, construction waste disposal, etc.

Trust our professionals to spare you both money and a lot of time, trouble and health-threatening situations.