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Furniture Disposal

Old furniture disposal

If you are wondering how to handle the disposal of your old furniture and you do not possess a suitable means of transportation, you can always rely on TovarniPrevozi.BG. We offer a wide range of transportation services, including old furniture disposal, electrical appliances removal, attic and basement clearing, as well as all kinds of long-distance transportation, home and office relocation, furniture transportation, etc.

The services we provide in relation to furniture disposal include:

1. Furniture dismantling.
All articles of furniture that cannot pass through your doors will be disassembled or broken down. Our crews have all the tools necessary to dismantle furniture.

2. Removal from your home.
Before being removed, the articles of furniture are sorted according to size and weight. The heaviest articles are carried out first so that the truck is loaded in a balanced way.

3. Transfer down the stairs or in the elevator.
The furniture is carried down by our movers using the elevator or by the stairs if necessary. After its removal all the trash produced in the process will be cleaned by the movers from TovarniPrevozi.BG.

4. Cleaning the rooms of remaining debris.
Every room, balcony or closet from which furniture has been removed is thoroughly cleaned and all the debris are stored in sacks especially provided for this purpose and then carried out using the elevator or down the stairs.

5. Loading into a truck.
Our movers’ next step is to load the old furniture into the truck. It is arranged by weight to ensure the cargo is well balanced and to avoid mishaps along the way.

6. Transportation.
The means of transportation is provided by our company. Depending on the cargo we can offer a cargo van, a truck or a dump truck.

7. Disposal at a specialized landfill site.
This is our contribution to the protection of the environment; at specialized landfill sites different types of waste are sorted out and prepared for recycling.

The activities mentioned above are performed by a driver and a different number of movers depending on the amount of work, so it has to be specified in advance.

You can rely on TovarniPrevozi.BG to provide you with everything you need, as well as to offer you a discount in case more than one trip is required. Your furniture will be removed and disposed of at a landfill site and the whole process will be completed quickly and efficiently.