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If you need movers for furniture removal in Sofia or the country, home or office relocation or anything connected with removals and loading services, TovarniPrevozi.BG is always at your service. The movers we provide have been trained to perform all kinds of tasks. They are not troubled by neither rain nor heat, nor the fact that you may live on the top floor.

TovarniPrevozi.BG is a company long established on the market for transportation and removal services. Our movers can assist you in carrying, moving and taking up or downstairs furniture and other heavy objects.

You can always rely on the quality of loading services and removals provided by TovarniPrevozi.BG.

Our company movers perform the following services:

1. Assembly and disassembly of furniture and modular cabinets such as living room cabinet sets or build-in kitchen appliances. Before dismantling, all the parts of each article of furniture, as well as the disassembling sequence, will be carefully noted down. This process is required when the furniture is too bulky to pass through the doors of the room. After being loaded and transported, the articles will be unloaded, carried into the new room and assembled again by the movers, following the list of parts and instructions.

2. Attic and basement cleaning. Again, our movers will remove all the unwanted items from your basement or attic and load them into the cargo van to be disposed of at a specialized landfill site.

3. Loading and unloading of furniture, electrical appliances, building materials, construction waste, etc.

4. Carrying furniture or appliances up or down the stairs. Regardless of your apartment’s location, the movers from TovarniPrevozi.BG will find a safe and convenient way to remove your furniture. We provide loading services and removal of both old furniture and equipment and brand new items fresh from the store.

The removal services our company provides are always top quality. Besides doing everything fast and at a time of your convenience, we also offer special services you can take advantage of. We always put our clients first and strive to provide the most experienced movers and the best service available.