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Building Materials Delivery

Building Materials Delivery

TovarniPrevozi.BG offers specialized delivery of building materials. All the materials will be transported from the building supplies store to a location chosen by the client. If you opt for a package deal, besides the delivery of the materials you will get a lot of extra help, including removal services for clearing out the site or the yard of your house. Of course, you are the ones to choose what services are included in the package.

Here are some of the main activities offered by TovarniPrevozi.BG in relation to the service Building Materials Delivery:

1. Transportation of the building materials from a construction store to your chosen location. All you have to do is call us and order this particular service. On the designated date and time you will have at your disposal a team of specialists ready to fulfill all your wishes.

2. Clearing of the construction site or your yard from rocks, weeds and everything that must be removed so that the building materials can be unloaded.

3. Supply of a container for construction waste. If you are building a house and you need to remove and dispose of construction waste, TovarniPrevozi.BG can supply you with a suitable container for collecting the waste before its removal and disposal at a landfill site.

4. Long-distance transportation. Your building materials will be delivered regardless of your current location. Our company offers transportation services both in Sofia and throughout the country.

5. Transportation of inflammable, biological, explosive and other specific substances you need delivered. In case you require this particular service, apart from the standard crew of movers and a cargo van driver, you will be provided with an expert in this specific field.

6. Smooth cargo transportation. We do not yield to slippery roads or bad weather conditions. Our drivers have long years of experience, so you can rely on their professional skills and do not need to worry about the integrity of your goods.

7. If you are pressed for time, our building materials delivery crew can pack or cut down the materials before delivery. This service is charged extra.