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Attic and Basement Clearing

Attic and Basement Clearing

If you need to have your attic or basement cleared out, you can rely on TovarniPrevozi.BG. Our movers will remove and dispose of all the unwanted items from the rooms where you have long been storing your old and unusable furniture and equipment. We will save you a lot of trouble and effort by completing our Attic and Basement Clearing fast, satisfactorily and within the time period set by you.

The service Attic and Basement Clearing can be performed independently or in combination with other activities. Our services are comprehensive and you can take advantage of our package deals combining several activities, thus enjoying a price discount and other privileges which will be revealed later. Call us and find out our best offers! You can order a single service or a whole package that includes everything you require.

Attic and Basement Cleaning covers the following activities:

1. Removal of old furniture and electrical appliances from your attic or basement. For this procedure you can rely on movers with long years of experience. They will do everything to meet your demands. You can count on them to carry all the furniture from the attic down the stairs. They will make as many trips as required for everything to be loaded into the truck.

2. Furniture and articles sorting. All the items are arranged by size and weight so that they can be loaded into the van correctly.

3. Furniture dismantling. Our movers can dismantle everything that needs disassembling. Once dismantled, the furniture will go more easily out of the narrow doors of your home and into the truck.

4. Loading into a truck or van. The movers will load all the items according to their size and weight, securing the heaviest and bulkiest pieces of old furniture or equipment at the bottom. This is done to facilitate unloading and prevent mishaps along the way.

5. Cleaning the rooms. After removing everything from the attic or basement, our crew will clear out all the remaining debris so that no traces of our activities remain. You can rest assured that even the stairs and the lift will be thoroughly cleaned after the furniture removal.

6. Transportation of all kinds of cargo to a chosen location. Our drivers have long experience and you can rest assured that all your furniture and equipment will be transported without any difficulty. We do not fear bad road conditions, nor wind, rain or snow.

7. Old furniture and equipment removal and disposal at a landfill site. If your furniture or appliances are irretrievably damaged and unusable, they will be transported and disposed of at the closest furniture landfill site.